108 Hz & 215 Hz Tuning Forks

Clearing/Transmuting - 108 Hz/216 Hz

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If you can't decide between the 108 Hz and 216 Hz, why not get both?  The 108 and 216 tuning forks are a great pair for a practitioner or an individual wanting to have a basic balancing and harmonizing set of tuning forks.  They both do an exceptional job clearing and transmuting energy.  The 108 fork has a very grounded energy which will detect and clear your densest energies.  It encourages the body to "remember" the pattern of the Flower of Life, creating structure.  The 216 will gently encourage your body’s own vibration to raise to the frequency of the tuning fork, allowing in harmony and vital energy. These two forks will fulfill your fundamental need for energy clearing work.   

The healing begins when the body begins to resonate with the tuning fork.  

The unweighted 108 Hz fork is the foundational tool used in the auric field.  The 108 hertz fork detects and transmutes our most pronounced and stuck energies, clearing and resolving them back into Earth, allowing her to absorb the restricted and unwanted blockages.

The unweighted 216 Hz fork lays the foundation for expansion in your life.  It is the key to feeling safe and secure and that all is well.  This fork will help you relax and feel calm while letting go of doubt and fear.   It supports your vital energy, the consciousness of your own body and inner strength.  With a soft caress, it gently clears stuck energy and adds a sacred energy that can allow an instant knowing of perfect harmony.

Storage pouch included.