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Harmony Healing 108 Tuning Forks

We offer the highest quality tuning forks crafted to resonate with the sacred frequency of 108 Hertz. The power of these healing frequencies balance and transform. Our tuning forks are perfect for sound therapy and spiritual growth, offering a simple and effective way to tap into the power of vibration.


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My experience using the Harmony Healing ‘Torus Energy Clearing’ forks is that the forks level out my clients’ overall well-being.  The forks attune the physical, mental, and emotional energies of the whole body.  They have a gentle caressing nature leaving a feeling of being nurtured, relaxed, and in balance.

Janice S., Decatur, GA

Clients love the Harmony Healing tuning forks. The 216 unweighted fork has a joyful warmth that dissolves cohesion in the electromagnetic biofield. It is a staple tool for vibrational sound therapists and for anyone who uses tuning forks.

GabrielNelson Sears, Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, Gabriel of the Light, LLC.,

The frequencies to which Roxane is attuned and her innate abilities with the tuning forks assisted me in unfolding, unpacking, and releasing several layers of stuck energies during several astounding sessions.  Blessings always for your Gifts.

Christine O., Atlanta, GA


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Vibrational sound therapy on the body is contraindicated for those with pacemakers, metal implants, pregnant women and women who want to become pregnant. Babies and young children may be hypersensitive to certain sound instruments. Please consult with a pediatrician before introducing them to vibrational sound therapy.

Harmony Healing 108 Tuning Forks are Proudly Made in the USA