About Harmony Healing 108

Roxane is the Founder/Owner of Harmony Healing 108, a tuning fork sales and wellness company located in Atlanta, GA.  Roxane is a Vibrational Sound Therapist specializing in Tuning Fork Therapy.

Roxane Conticello, Harmony Healing 108

Roxane began working with energy in 2011 when she became certified in USUI Reiki and that eventually led to her finding a love for tuning forks and vibrational sound healing.  A curiosity and love for the esoteric led Roxane to create a set of forks based around Sacred Geometry.

Roxane believes that by using tuning forks to raise your body’s frequency your body will feel a sense of balance, well-being, and wholeness, activating the body’s system of self-healing.

Roxane enjoys spending time in nature and feels a connection to Gaia, and she brings that energy into her work. She is an active member of her spiritual community.  Roxane currently lives in Atlanta with her husband, dog and cat.

Our Vision

Harmony Healing 108's vision is to bring tuning forks as a sound therapy modality to the mainstream.  Our goal is to promote self-healing by offering professional/personal use, Hertz specific tuning forks and tuning fork therapies.