Benefits of Tuning Forks and Tuning Fork Therapy

Tuning forks have a positive affect the body by changing the vibrational frequency of various parts of the body, such as the meridians, brainwave patterns, chakras, and all the body systems.  Tuning forks are used in various protocols and will balance the body's energy as well as bring harmony to the mind and body.

Benefits of Tuning Fork Healing:

-Deep relaxation/more peaceful and focused mind
-Uplifts your mood (due to endorphins being released)
-Helps clear energy blockages
-Brain entrainment
-EnergizingHuman body and the auric field, aura
-Helps get you more in tune with your body
-Promotes a feeling of unity and connectedness
-Spiritual realignment

Tuning fork therapy also helps with a variety of
issues such as:

-Reduce the amount of stress you feel
-Hypersensitive nervous system
-Physical and mental tension
-Insomnia or low-quality sleep
-Digestive problems
-Relaxes your mind and body
-Quiet your thoughts
-Enter a place of deep stillness and spiritual calm
-Helps fade mental chatter

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