What are Meridians?

Meridians in the body are the pathways where vital energy flows; they carry Qi energy (pronounced “chee”) just like the water in a river flows. These meridian pathways function similarly to the circulatory system by circulating energy, nutrients, and blood throughout the body.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians are energy pathways, a system of Qi energy Meridian lines in the human bodychannels interconnecting throughout the body’s specific acupressure points along the meridians. They can be envisioned as pathways between the acupressure points in the body.

Meridians are either yin or yang, depending on the direction they flow on the body’s surface. The yang meridians run from the fingers to the face or from the face to the feet on the outer (yang) part of the body. Yin meridians run from the feet to the torso or from the torso to the fingertips on the inner (yin) side of the body. If there’s a blockage or disrupted flow of Qi in the meridians, or an excessive or insufficient Qi in the meridians, a body may become dis-eased.

The Value of Using Tuning Forks on Meridian Lines on the Body

When meridians become unbalanced, they can carry too much or too little energy throughout the body, and they can create dis-ease.  Stimulating them evens the flow of energy throughout the meridian system. The result is optimal health, added vitality, and well being.

Stress can affect our systems in such a way that our energy system overloads and the system needs to be re-balanced.  If the energy flow of our bodies isn’t balanced, a ripple effect takes over and causes turmoil in the body.

Tuning Fork Therapy recognizes the whole body is a ecosystem that includes organs, muscles, and the subtle energy system. Clearing out the energy blocks to restore muscle strength is much like cleaning out a clogged drain in your home.  Once you get the drain cleared everything flows freely and smoothly.

Can Tuning Fork Therapy Help Me?

Yes, of course! When you being using tuning forks, you’ll start to move towards harmony and balance.  Some of the issues it can support are:

• A surge of energy and renewed strength
• Increase in immunity
• Easing of body pain
• Mental wellness
• Healthier functioning organs
• Insomnia, anxiety, depression, and disorders of the nervous system
• Circulation, digestion, sleep quality, fatigue

Our body needs to be in a state of harmonious balance. If balance is disrupted, then illness can manifest.  A Tuning Fork Practitioner knows where the energy points reside and is able to release any blockages or excess energy which may be causing an imbalance.