Why Harmony Healing 108 tuning forks?

Our tuning forks are made in the USA and are the highest quality tuning forks available made with the highest grade aluminum alloy material.  We've tested them against competitors and feel that ours have much smoother, pleasing tones. 

Our tuning forks are manufactured with the finest corrosion and rust resistant aerospace-grade, non-magnetic aluminum alloy.  Non-tarnishing tuning forks require no plating, offer optimum size and proportion, and with proper care will perform flawlessly for a lifetime.

Aluminum tuning forks offer an uncommonly long duration of audible time along with constant frequency over time.

Weighted vs. Unweighted

Specific frequency is a product of length, width, thickness and elasticity. Weighting the fork increases the mass at the ends of the prongs and lowers the frequency in a shorter and easier to use length, transferring more energy to the handle.

Our tuning forks are tuned to within .5% at 20 degrees Celsius.  As temperature affects frequency, we caution you not to be fooled by misleading claims of more precise tuning that typically are accompanied with a higher cost but too often disappoint.

If you are just getting started:

For the individual, we suggest our Clearing/Transmuting set, which is our 108 Hz and 216 Hz tuning forks.  They are a great pair for a practitioner or an individual wanting to have a balanced and harmonized set of tuning forks.  They clear and transmute energy, while raising the vibration of the individual.  The 108 will detect and clear your densest energies.  It encourages the body to entrain to the pattern created by the frequency of the fork.  The 216 will raise your energy and encourage a rebuilding of your vibrational pattern to that of one with the structure of the geometrical universe.  These two forks will fulfill your fundamental need for energy clearing work.   

The healing begins when the body begins to resonate with the tuning fork.  

The unweighted 108 Hz fork is the foundational tool used in the auric field.  The 108 hertz fork detects and transmutes our most pronounced and stuck energies, clearing and resolving them, allowing a release of restricted and unwanted blockages

The unweighted 216 Hz fork is used in the biofield to resolve dense energies. It supports your vital energy.  Gently, it clears stuck energy, calms the body raises the vibratory field.

For the practitioner, we suggest our Practitioner's Bundle, which is our set of six Body Harmonizing Tuners and our half set of four Torus Field Alchemizing forks.

The Body Harmonizing Tuners set includes:

Our Body Harmonizing Tuners are a complete set of six weighted tuning forks used on the body.

The Body Harmonizing Tuners all have a frequency based on the number nine.  The number nine is known to be the number of completion and perfect harmony.

Use these forks on yourself for healing energy penetrating deeply into your body or as a Practitioner to do a complete vibrational balancing on clients.

The Torus Field Alchemizing Half Set is for the practitioner to use in the aura field to clean out stuck energies and harmonize the body, working with frequencies beginning at 108 HZ, next 216 Hz, 324 Hz, to a final raised frequency of 432 Hz.

This allows a clearing of energies and a raising of the Torus energy. When used in conjunction with the weighted body forks, the client receives an all-over body attunement.