216 Hz Tuning Fork, Unweighted

216 Hz Unweighted Tuning Fork

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The unweighted 216 Hz fork lays the foundation for expansion in your life.  It is the key to feeling safe and secure and that all is well.  This fork will help you relax and feel calm while letting go of doubt and fear.   It supports your vital energy, the consciousness of your own body and inner strength.

If you are looking for one fork to clear the biofield it would be the 216.  This fork has a vibration that both clears and uplifts.  With a soft caress, it gently clears stuck energy and adds a sacred energy that can allow an instant knowing of perfect harmony.

To use on a daily basis on yourself or to do the clearing work on a client, the 216 frequency, which happens to be the same harmony of the bees, is truly a magical tool which is a must in any practitioner's set of tools.

Storage pouch included.