108 Hz & 215 Hz Tuning Forks

Clearing/Transmuting - 108 Hz/216 Hz

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The 108 and 216 tuning fork set is a great pair for the practitioner or individual wanting to have a balanced and harmonized set of tuning forks that allow you to create an environment for wellness to occur.  They both do an exceptional job clearing and transmuting energy.  The 108 fork has a very grounded energy which will detect and transmute your densest energies. The 216 fork will gently encourage your own body's vibration to raise. These two forks entrain the body to "remember" the pattern created by the frequency of the fork. These two forks will fulfill your foundational need for energy clearing work.   

The healing begins when the body begins to resonate with the tuning fork.  

The unweighted 108 Hz fork is a foundational tool used in the auric/biofield.  The 108 hertz fork detects and transmutes stuck energies, clearing and resolving them, allowing a release of restricted and unwanted blockages.  Using Sacred Geometry, 1 + 0 + 8 = 9, the body begins to recognize the pattern created by the frequency of the fork and attunes itself accordingly. 

The unweighted 216 Hz fork  is used in the biofield to resolve dense energy. It will help you relax and feel calm while allowing a release of stress and tension.   It supports your vital energy.  Based on Sacred Geometry, 2 + 1 + 6 = 9, and the Power of 9.  

Storage pouch included.