A Body Work and Torus Energy Clearing Session is a great way to reboot and recharge from the chaos of our daily lives.   

Body Work + Torus Energy Clearing Session

Starting with a client face down on a massage table, the Grounding/Earthing (54 Hz/72 Hz) forks are activated and strategically placed following the meridian lines on the area of the person’s head. This binaural frequency has a calming and grounding effect on the client settling them and bringing their brain activity into a Theta Meridian lines on the human bodybrainwave state. The client is lulled into a feeling of peace allowing healing to happen.

Next, the Balancing/Restoring (81 Hz/99 Hz) forks are used on the torso area. The sound waves of the tuning forks penetrate deeply into the body.  The muscles and tissues resonate and harmonize with the frequencies of the tuning forks and the feeling is as if you are receiving a vibrational massage. The Practitioner follows the meridian lines.  Meridian lines are where Qi energy flows.

Ending with the Energizing/Uplifting (108 Hz/135 Hz) forks on the legs and feet, these energizing frequencies stimulate greater blood flow, wake up dormant Qi energy, vitalizing and activating their energy stores.

The client then turns over and the unweighted forks, which are in tune to Nature’s most perfect numbers, are used by the Practitioner to find imbalances in the auric field and raise the energy of the client. Blocked energies are discovered by the skilled Practitioner. The tuning forks will entrain the body to the new higher state of being. The result is a feeling of total relaxation coupled with balance and harmony.

90 minute private session - $85
Location - Avondale Estates , GA

Torus Energy Clearing Session

This session begins with the Client face up on a massage table. Using eight tuning forks, starting with the 108 Hz tuning fork and ending with the 864 Hz tuning fork, the Practitioner starts with Tuning fork therapy sessionthe lowest frequency tuning fork working slowly and methodically across the body.  Then focusing on the auric field and the chakras, the tuning forks are used to recalibrate, lift, and clear the energies of each particular zone.  The Torus Field entrains its frequency to that of the tuning fork.

The Client will experience change in their vibration, balance, an upliftment, and a sense of euphoria. This session is used when one feels their energies need a boost and uplifting.

1 hour private session - $65
Location - Avondale Estates, GA


Vibrational Sound Therapy is a wonderful way for you to feel nurtured, along with helping you feel more at peace, balanced and whole.  After your session your body will be realigned and relaxed and your nervous system will be energized and uplifted. 

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